This website came in to existence in 2003 after I took ownership of the framed Quotation towel. I decided that the background story to the towel was far too interesting to disappear in to the mists of history, and deserved a place on the nearest creation the Earth currently has to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Over time, other enthusiasts and generous production staff have drip-feed snippets of information to build up the pages you see before you now. If you spot any inaccuracies on this website, or you know any towel-related information that isn't on this website, then please email your towel information to iknowwheremytowelis@towel.org.uk.

If you want to know more about me (mostly knitting-related) then my humble little corner of the internet can be found over at http://www.kentfield.co.uk.

Website updates

April 2014 - To save on hosting costs, I have moved the website to Google Sites, which is free, so I have also removed all the advertising.

May 2013 - Added Towel References page, containing all the references to Towels from the 5 Hitchhiker books.

May 2012 - Added UrbanThreads page

April 2012 - Added Rod Lord designs page

May 2011 - Added 'About' page. Added table of current towel availability to the front page in response to frequently asked questions.

Feb 2011 - Updated quotation towel page with better photo of my framed towel showing that both prototype quotation towels had page numbers.

Feb 2011 - Added photo of Douglas Adam's quotation towel found on myspace.com/douglasadams.

Feb 2011 - Due to web bots spamming the wiki, the towel website was moved to a static site. The website address remained the same: www.towel.org.uk. Added towel day page.