How to Easily Increase the Money in Your Savings Account

There are lots of us that wish that we had more money in our savings account. It could be that we like the idea of having a bit more money to fall back on, that we are saving up for something specific or that we just feel that we should not be spending all the money that we have. However, being able to do this, relies on the fact that you can come up with some money that you will be able to put into the account. This is something which might be easier than you think.

Make sure you are not Overpaying for Things

Many of us spend more money on things than it is actually necessary to. This might seem a bit odd, but even if you compare prices when you are in shops or the supermarkets, it is likely that there are things you are buying where you do not regularly compare the price. Think about those things that you buy each month which you pay by standing order or direct debit. The electricity and gas, broadband, insurance, phone etc. All of these things you might just pay without thinking about the fact that you might be able to save money if you change providers. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the different providers and find out whether you are paying too much. Obviously, you will need to think about value for money when you are buying things. You do not want to pay significantly less but not get a very good service (unless this is not something that is important to you) so you will need to be careful. However, often we can switch to a cheaper provider and see no difference in service at all.

Try to Use What you Have Before Buying More

It can be good to think about what you have and try to use that up before you buy extra things. For example, we often go food shopping and fill the cupboards and fridge but have things already. This could mean that some of the things will go off and we will not eat them and they will be wasted. This can apply to clothing as we may often buy new things but have a lot of other clothes that we could wear but we choose not to. We may even have things and have forgotten we have them, so before you go out and buy a stack of pens, make sure that you search through what you have and see whether you have any first.

Consider Ways to Earn More

Sometimes it can be a lot easier to earn a bit more money than you might think. This could be because you are able to get a bit extra in your spare time. For example, there are ways to earn money online which can be fun and get you a bit of extra money. Some people like to do a few surveys and earn some money that way. Others like to try their luck at a free lottery. Some might like to do some freelance work which will earn more money but take a bit more time. These things and other similar work can easily fit around other jobs and commitments, be fun and bring in some extra money to boost savings. It may also be possible to earn more from the job you are doing – perhaps seeing if you can take on some overtime, on call work or applying for a pay rise might help you. You may even want to see if you can change jobs to get more money too.

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